Chickpea & Raw Mango Salad

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Building a Salad is a lot of fun. There is no recipe involved .. Its all about what you love & you can play with so many combinations that you will go crazy. Making a salad doesn't actually take that much time but you will need to do a bit of prepping.

Sometimes, I'd love to eat a Big bowl of colorful, hearty Salad for a meal.. But my laziness gets the better of me on some days & I end up eating a carb-heavy meal. I was determined to eat a healthy lunch yesterday so I soaked some chickpeas in the morning & made this easy peasy Chickpea & Raw Mango Salad for lunch.

Chickpea & Raw Mango Salad

I haven't really cooked anything much with raw mangoes this summer. I had a couple of raw mangoes sitting in the fridge since long so I decided to use it up in this nice tangy salad with a good dose of chickpeas

I love using Indian flavors in salad dressings. They not only add a lovely flavor but also makes me feel as though I am eating a big bowl of Chaat. The ingredients used here are nothing fancy & are usually pantry staples.

Chickpea & Raw Mango Salad Ingredients

How To:

Soak Chickpeas overnight or for 5-6 hours, Pressure cook with a bit of salt. Drain & set aside for use. Finely chop the onions & Tomatoes & set aside.

For the dressing, In a small bowl, whisk together all the ingredients mentioned in the list & set aside. I used store bought Tamarind & dates chutney.

To assemble the salad, In a large wide bowl, add Chickpeas, chopped onions & tomatoes & the dressing & mix well. Add chopped coriander & mint & check for salt. Allow the salad to sit atleast for 20 mins before serving, Sprinkle a generous amount of Sev before serving

If you are a health freak, This salad makes a great lunch box option. It also works as a healthy starter for parties. You could also add crushed Papdi ( Deep Fried Indian Crackers made with All Purpose Flour ) for a bit of crunch. 

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