December 1, 2015

My Favourite Green Smoothie

This isn't even a proper recipe but this is my favourite kinda Smoothie. I make a lot of Smoothies, but this one is my favourite.

I practically drink this everyday or at least 5 days a week. This is my post workout drink & its so darn delicious or maybe I am hungry when I drink this :) Either way I love it so it has to be blogged :)

Spinach Smoothie2

Its got Banana, Spinach, Pear, Almonds & the new Superfood Chia Seeds & of course Milk .. Everything that makes a smoothie tasty. I add Spinach because it takes care of my daily dose of Greens & I don't have to bother about another dose of Greens for the rest of the day & of course I love the gorgeous Green hue it lends to the Smoothie

You Will Need:

  • 1 Banana - I use the Small Variety
  • Half a Pear or Apple
  • 1 cup Spinach
  • 5 Almonds
  • 1 tsp Chia Seeds
  • 200 ml Milk *

How To:

Roughly chop the pear or Apple. There is no need to peel the skin. Roughly chop the Banana too.  
Put everything in a blender & blend until Smooth


You can use any kind of milk you like. Regular, Skimmed, Soy, Nut milk or whichever. I mostly use the 2% fat milk 

I sometimes add a dash of Organic Unsweetened Peanut Butter to this. Makes it all the more delicious

I don't add Ice cubes because I use chilled Milk

I also don't feel the need to add any sweeteners as I feel the sweetness from the Banana & Pear is quite sufficient. You may add a dash of honey if you wish to. But Please avoid using White Sugar

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